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Should you buy your own house or stay on rent ?

If this question is buzzing your mind then here is a perfect tool to answer your queries.

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Its better to Buy for at least {{data.yearsToStayInHome}} year(s) of stay.
As per current conditions its better to Rent.
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Buying Details

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What is Rent vs Buy Calculator?

The common question that the first time home buyer poses is should he buy his own or stay on rent? The option between buying a home and renting is always among the biggest financial decisions an individual make. To help you answer this question, here we simplify which is a better deal through our calculator.

Our Rent versus Buy Calculator helps the user to calculate and compare their estimated financial position after 7 years living on rent with their estimated financial position after 7 years of home loan repayments.

Understanding the Rent Vs Buy Calculator:

Home Cost:

This is the first decision-making factor between the choice of buying or renting, but not the only one. Our estimate will help as you enter your details.
How long do you plan to stay on rent?
Buying would be cheaper than renting if you stay longer (for 9 years)
What are your mortgage (existing if any) details?
Apart from levied interest rate and down payment, our calculator also takes into account the home annual appreciation rate and annual appreciation rate for rent.

Additional renting cost:

These cost involves in addition to the actual rent paid to the landlord such as the brokerage fee and security deposits. However, these cost have a negligible impact because it is paid once.


For accurate and better result user need to enter appropriate values in all input boxes.

For buying details:

  1. Home loan interest rate (%) you have to bear
  2. Home loan duration (Years)
  3. Home loan processing fee (calculated @1%)
  4. Home loan foreclosure charge (calculated @2%)
  5. Home brokerage (%)
  6. Registration cost (%)
  7. Home maintenance cost (%)
  8. Home maintenance cost expected to grow annually (%)

For renting details

  1. Sum deposited as security money
  2. Interest rate gain on security deposit
  3. Rent brokerage

The calculator keeps tally the total cost you bear over the time of renting and total cost of home buying as you enter your detail. It takes into account of all cost incurred while renting and buying and how these costs appreciates over time after applying the rate of inflation, home cost and rent appreciation value and the rate of return on made investments.